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In consideration of allowing me to participate in this tournament I acknowledge and agree as follows:

I have read and understand the Official Rules of this tournament. I will obey all the rules and understand that any violation may result in immediate disqualification without refund of my entry fee. I also understand that tournament officials may reject my application for any reason, and in that event will refund my entry fee.

I understand and acknowledge that competitive fishing is a dangerous sport, the risks of which include, though not exclusively, drowning, collisions in the water, and injuries from hooks and other fishing equipment. I voluntarily assume responsibility for these risks, identified and not identified, and all risk of injury or death or damage to myself, or my property, or to others, including spectators and their property, arising from my participation in the tournament.

I have sufficient health, accident and liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage incurred by myself or others as a result of my participation in this event. If I have no such insurance, I represent that I am capable of paying for any and all such expenses or liability. 

I hereby release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the tournament producer(Bass on The Fly, LLC), employees, and all other persons or entities associated with the tournament from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation in this tournament, including specifically but not limited to the negligent acts or omissions of producer, agents and employees, the host, sponsors and tournament officials,  and all other persons or entities associated with the tournament, for any and all injury, death, illness or disease, and other damage or loss to property suffered by myself or others. In signing this document, I acknowledge and agree that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged while I am engaged in this event, I will have no right to make a claim or file a lawsuit against the producer, or employees, the host, sponsors, officials and all other persons or entities associated with the tournament, even if they or any of them negligently caused the bodily injury or property damage.

Any suit brought against any of the parties listed above as a result of this Agreement or my participation in this tournament will be brought in state or county court in Wood County, Texas. Should it become necessary for any of the parties listed above, or someone on their behalf, to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this Agreement, or any portion thereof, I agree to pay the reasonable costs and attorney's fees thereby expended, or for which liability is incurred.

I give the producer permission to use my name, likeness including but not limited to photographs and video for promotional purposes. I agree to submit to and accept the results of the polygraph tests given at this event.

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Every one must register ONLINE at ianglertournament.com & download app to phone.
Mail- $60/individual to Bass on The Fly, P.O.Box 173, Yantis, TX 75497.  Must be received no later than April 16, 2018, and get entry into raffle for new rod.  On site registration will be Noon-9:00PM Friday and 5:00-6:00AM Saturday, cash only.  All participants must check in at the tournament site before 6:00AM Saturday.